During the last 50 years, windsurfing has become one of the most popular water sport in the world. Today it has nothing to do with its origins and it has diversified in multiple ways. However, something hasn’t changed throughout windsurf history. That is the fact that it’s a sport to enjoy with friends. A sport transmitted from father to son, preserving its values generation after generation .

Those values that make us change our mood every time the wind blows, and we just think about picking up the board, the sail and get into the water as soon as possible. This is a windsurf blog, therefore we will honor those values.

For many windsurfers, talking about equipment, materials, spots, techniques, etc. It’s almost as important as sailing. Those who, like us, are all the time thinking about windsurfing, will feel at home.

Visit our page "Windsurf in..." and decide what your next windsurfing trip will be. It is in constant development to not be just a list of sites, we want it to be THE GUIDE OF WINDSURF SPOTS

Windsurf and traveling are fully bonded. Luckily this sport is really used to taking us to great paradises!!!. Tarifa, Ciudad del Cabo, Maui, Jericoacoara, Fuerteventura and a very long list of spots, each one more spectacular and with more things to offer than the other.

The equipment of a windsurfer is by far his most precious treasure. Acquiring the "quiver" is a mixture of art and science, and the object of endless discussions. The second-hand market (depending on where you are) can be a solution or a nightmare.

Here you will find all the necessary information to choose your boards, your sails, masts, booms and all the windsurfing accessories. Visit our page about Windsurfing Equipment and check the posts that we are permanently publishing.
If you have questions about what material to buy, do not hesitate to contact us . We will try to help you in the best way.


If you're starting with the sport, or even before that, if you're simply looking for options to learn or knowing what windsurfing is about, you've also come to the right place !!!
Here you will find all the information you need to get started, with structured content, step by step and paying attention to every detail. It is not only about videos, photos or posts showing how it is done, we will explain the concepts, the theory behind each technique or each movement. In TheWindsurfingBlog you will find an authentic online windsurfing school.

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