Do you want to know what the brands are preparing for this 2019? We’ve done a hard work putting together all the new windsurf equipment official brand videos for this year.

We put the focus on boards and sails, dividing it by discipline to make it easy for you. Almost all the main brands launched their promo videos for the new models, but not all of them (hey you!!!, what are you waiting for??). Every time we detect new videos online we’ll be adding them to the list.

How the list works? Well, the first video will appear automatically. In the upper left corner of the video you’ll find an icon, if you click on it the full video list will be shown so you can choose the model or brand you like.


2019 Freeride Boards

In first place we have the freeride gear. Here you’ll find the 2019 Fanatic Blast and Gecko, the Starboard Futura and Carve IQ. Severne presents the Fox and JP the Magic Ride and Super Ride. Tabou have the models Rocket+, 3S and 3S+, we also have the Naish Titan and Starship.

2019 Freeride Sails

The sails being promoted at the moment are X:Series, Speedster and V8 from Neilpryde, the E_type and S_type from Duotone. Also Loftsails brings the Switchblade and the Oxygen while Naish presents the Sprint. Gaastra have the Cosmic and Gun Sails the Stream. There are some specific models for the youngsters like the Duotone Now and Point-7 S!ick Zero.


2019 Wave Boards

This year wave models are kicking ass!! Regarding the boards, we have 12 different models on the market. Fanatic brings the Grip, the Stubby and the Freewave. Starboard have its radical wave model, UltraKode, and then the A.I.R. and the Kode Freewave. JP presents two models, the Ultimate Wave and the Wave Slate. Naish make its part with the Global and the Mad Dog (I love that name!!) and finally Tabou also presents two models, the Da bomb and the Da curve.

2019 Wave Sails

Regarding sails, we’ve found 9 different models. Naish presents the Force IV and Force V, according to them one is performance wave and the other is power wave. Neilpryde propose their classic TheFly and Combat, while Duotone presents the Super Session and the Super Hero. Gaastra Sails leave us the IQ, the Manic and the Manic HD, while Loftsails have the Wavescape and Purelip models.


2019 Slalom Boards

Pure speed and stylish lay down gybes for the slalom section. This is an area for classics, starting with the Fanatic Falcon, then the Starboard ISonic and finally the JP SuperSport. Naish y Tabou will also fight with the Titan and the Manta.

2019 Slalom Sails

Talking about sails, we’ll start with the Naish SL, we also have the Raceboardblade and the Racingblade from Loftsails. Gun Sails presents the Bow and Gaastra the Vapor and the Phantom. Duotone and Neilpryde will compete until the end with the Warp and the EVOXI, without forgeting the Point-7 AC-One Zero.

As an extra we have the Loftsails Speedblade, a pure speed sail.


2019 Freestyle Boards

And we arrive to the Freestyle area, with their boards and sails prepared for jumps and incredible moves. At the moment we’ve only found 4 board models, the Starboard Flare, the Fanatic Skate and two models presented by JP, the Freestyle and the Freestyle wave.

2019 Freestyle Sails

Regarding the sails, we’ve tracked only the Loftsails Airscape, the Neilpryde Wizard and the Duotone Idol. Let’s see if more models appear and our tracker find them!! :-)


2019 Foil Boards

And a full foil section is mandatory, as we said in our post about windfoil, each day becomes more important in the windsurfing world. The equipment shown here are specific foil editions. Right now there are many “foil ready” models but you can find them in the main category of the product (Freeride, Slalom, etc.).

We’ve found 4 brands with 2019 foil board models. Starboard has the Foil line and JP presents the Hydrofoil. A little bit of innovation with the names could be great!!. We also have Naish whit the Hover and Fanatic with the Falcon Foil and the Gecko Foil.

2019 Foil Sails

We have some foil sails too, in total 7 models. Duotone have a model for Freeride Foil, the F_type and also a racing model Warp Foil. Loftsails have the Skyscape and Skyblade racing oriented, while Naish presents the Lift. Gun Sails brings the Bow and finally Starboard also have one model, the Flight.

2019 Foils

And last but not least, we have the foil models already presented by the brands. We have 4 of them, two from Neilpryde, the Flight AL and the Glide. Then we have the Thrust Windsurf from Naish and the Flow H9 from Fanatic.

And that’s the end of this post about the windsurf equipment for 2019. I really would like to have more videos from different brands and not only show the ones from the market leaders. From TheWindsurfingBlog we encourage brands like Patrik, Novenove, Ezzy Sails, RRD, Reptile, Slingshot, Horue, etc. to publish their promotional videos. We will be attentive to keep this post updated and give as much information as possible to our readers.

If you have comments or if you see any video online that escaped to us, please say it down here. Big hug and good winds!!!

2019 Windsurf Equipment - All the brands
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