Hello!! we are almost in August and the boreal summer at its peak. Starting a new activity is always motivating. In addition, the warm weather, the people on the beaches and the good atmosphere that surrounds the places where you can sail, generate a perfect mix to jump into this adventure. Let’s start to windsurf.

This post is dedicated to all those who have decided to go into the water. Those who wants to see what it feels riding on a windsurfing board and being powered by the wind. These are just few small tips to make the road easier, fun and safe. Here we go, these are the 5 most important tips to keep in mind!

Find a school with good references

It seems obvious but it is not so. At the end, almost everyone who decided to start with windsurfing is because we have a friend, relative or acquaintance who practices it. The teacher-friend is not the best option to start :-)

Teaching something to someone requires training and method. Knowing how to windsurf doesn’t make you know how to teach and probably, the process becomes longer and more tedious for the one who learns.

On the other hand, schools have the right gear and that’s the key to make the experience of the first days a good one and to get involved with the sport afterwards.

Start with good sea and wind conditions 

In the post How safe is your favorite spot? We give the basic definitions for wind conditions and the key elements to know the environment in which we are going to sail. I recommend you to take a look at it.

In general, schools are in relatively safe spots and they will also keep an eye on you. However, if you decide not to follow our advice from point 1 and do it on your own, it is essential that you choose a moment where the sea and the wind don’t present a greater difficulty than your level is capable of handling.

The most important thing is to ensure a calm sea and a constant wind in a good direction (the offshore wind is strictly prohibited!!!!!).

Reserve several days

IniciaciónLike in any new activity, learning takes time and if you don’t want to waste the invested time (and money) I suggest you to spend 3 or 4 days in a row to learn and practice what you have learned.
Start in a sport like windsurfing, where, in addition to the technique, you have to learn to interact with the environment (water, wind, other windsurfers, etc.), it requires patience. The first day, with the right gear and instructor, you will learn the basics about the gear, some notion about winds, sailing courses, stability on the board, pulling up the sail safely, sailing position and basic maneuvers to turn. Mastering all these concepts will take you the remaining days.

If you are very good at it, the instructor will probably give you a more challenging gear so you can start feeling the power of the wind and practice what you have learned with a higher level of difficulty. But this will only happens if everything goes smoothly. What is written in the previous paragraph is the initiation in windsurfing. Progress requires practice and it is up to you to do it.

Keep in mind your physical condition

Windsurfing is a demanding sport, especially when starting. We replace the lack of technique and knowledge with excessive physical effort. It’s very important to warm up before getting into the water, and above everything it’s really important not to lift the sail by pulling it with your back (a very common beginner mistake). In a school they will teach you all of this stuff. As I know that not everyone will pay attention to point 1 ……… don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

Always with wetsuit

Yes, I know that in a swimsuit it’s cooler. But we’re doing an activity under the summer sun. We probably won’t realize the time we spend and it is very common to end up red as a tomato. Wetsuits protects us from this, except on the face, hands and feet where I suggest the use of protective cream.

When we are learning, we will fall many times. We will hit the sail and the board and we will have to climb again on our knees, etc. A wetsuit will make all of this less painful :-)

IniciaciónIn addition to the above, a wetsuit protects us from the cold in case of suffering a mishap and having to wait in the water for someone to come for us. I know this things shouldn’t happen, but, they do. A broken part of the gear, lack of knowledge that makes us nervous, etc. Better to prevent and a wetsuit is a basic safety measure to learn this sport.

Well, here you have my top 5 tips, you can also find some help in the books we have in the store. Someone else to help the fellows? I invite you to leave your comments in down here!!!

Kind regards and until next time!!

5 tips to start to windsurf
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