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Have you ever stepped on your board, felt the strength of the sea in your feet, the wind pushing behind you and thought there is no better feeling?

Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but you’re dying to do it?

If you are one of those who spend hours watching Windsurfing videos, always connected to the internet searching for the best spots and looking the forecast 40 times a day waiting for half a knot more. Or if, on the other hand, you have found us because you feel curious about this sport but you haven’t tasted how fantastic it is yet… Great! You’ve found your perfect spot on the internet !!

TheWindsurfingBlog wants to be the reference point where we can really enjoy our sport while we’re outside the water. We want to have dynamic, varied and especially interesting contents, ranging from articles related to technique, equipment, spots and fitness to interviews, books analysis and learning material. We want what you want, so we encourage you to participate by telling us your ideas through our contact email.

This blog doesn’t want to be an exclusive place for windsurfing professionals. In fact, who writes this words is not even close to being it, I would need 4 reincarnations at least! :P

If there is something good about windsurfing is that it always has challenges for everyone and for all skill levels. Those who are starting see the small boards as impossible things. Those who have a little bit of control are obsessed with the water start to lower board liters as soon as possible. Then, when you finally rides on a short board, step on the edge and see how you carve at full speed is awesome! Of course, between that and finishing a gybe there is a great space! Finally, when you masters those moves, you will surely start looking at the jumps, backloops or forwards loops. This sport is an endless fight against your own limits!!!

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You never finish learning things, there is always a challenge ahead and that is what makes it wonderful.

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Author’s disclaimer: Guys, english is not my mother tongue, the blog is bi-lingual with the intention of reaching as many friends as possible. If you see idiomatic errors, typos, etc. please help me to make it better and let me know. Thanks!!!!

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