Hello everyone!!! After this first week of life for our blog, I will start this post by thanking the support of everyone who came to the web, shared the articles or just enjoyed reading them. Thank you!!! I hope that little by little our website will become a reference for all windsurfers. It’s time to talk about safety in the sea. How safe is your favorite spot?

Windsurfing is considered an extreme sport and this classification is not because windsurfing is as we may see in the Red Bull Storm Chase videos. It’s because is a sport that is practiced in an inhospitable environment that we do not control at all.

Think about what may go wrong

We can all experience an unexpected situation while we sail. The wind dropping down (or picking up a lot), breaking a part of the gear, physical exhaustion, an accident with another rider or a rock, etc. There are many variables every time we get into the water. Thus, we all must have in our minds, a well established security protocol, adapted to the spot we are in.

Obviously the more advanced you are, the more control you have. But you will also risk more and that has to be taken into account. Those ones who are learning to lift the sail from the water with the uphaul line is less likely to have a crash than the one attempting to land a Forward.

Regardless of our level, there are certain precautions that we must always take (and I’m the first to recognize that I don’t always do it). With this post we will start a series dedicated to explain the main aspects of safety in the water. We’ll also define a simple security protocol to mentally check it all before getting into the water. This way we will sail more peacefully, knowing that we’ve the situation under control.

The series will have 6 posts:

  1. Knowledge of the environment
  2. Preventive actions
  3. Safety Material
  4. Safety maneuvers
  5. International sailing rules
  6. Basic security protocol

Today we will focus on the first point and we’ll do it through a small game. As you can see, the post has 3 more pages. In the next one I will try to explain the aspects to be taken into account in order to analyze a spot from a security point of view. In the following one I will put some screenshots of 4 of my favorite spots.

Valdevaqueros beach in Tarifa (ES), Guincho beach in Lisbon (POR), Big Bay in Cape Town (ZA) and Kraalbaai in Langebaan (ZA). So you can analyze them for yourselves and sort them from the most secure to the most “dangerous”.

Finally, on the last page, I will do my own analysis so then, in the comments, we can debate whether we agree or not :-)

What do you think? are you willing to play?

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