Physical conditioning is essential to enjoy windsurf and in general, to our life. To help you understanding how important I think this subject is, I want to share with you a part of my history and the “philosophical” principles I follow to exercise and to be in good shape.

You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Ask for a stout heart that has no fear of death,
and deems length of days the least of Nature’s gifts
that can endure any kind of toil,
that knows neither wrath nor desire and thinks.
The woes and hard labors of Hercules better than
the loves and banquets and downy cushions of Sardanapalus.
What I commend to you, you can give to yourself,
For assuredly, the only road to a life of peace is virtue.
.Juvenal, roman poet (10.356-64)

To avoid this post to be too long, I will divide it in 3 different posts:

The discovery of the evolutive approach

This was the situation: this story starts when following a knee injury made in an skiing accident I had to spend two years without practicing any sport. This, with the addition of enough stress and not caring at all about food, made me cross the magical number of….100kg!

After the knee operation, and the right rehab, my desire of start again with sports were boosted by the discovering of windsurf. However, starting to windsurf needs a lot of physical effort. Being in the water for hours, moving the gear, pulling up the sail, fall down, climb up the board again and start over.

ts a very demanding sport, therefore I decided that I have to do something with my really poor physical condition.

Was then when I discover Marcos Vázquez and his blog Fitness Revolucionario, to whom I’m very grateful for the information he gives and for the clarity he presents it to us.

I don’t want to write a lot about nutrition but for those ones who may be interested, I really encourage you to pass by Marco’s blog (sorry but it’s only in spanish, I’ll try to find similar contents for english speakers).

Be close to nature

To focus on the point, if you want to be in a good physical condition to enjoy windsurfing. You better start to forget about the typical recomendations about diet and training. Humans have been on earth for about 2 millon years and, what better suits us are those things we have been doing for longer. A diet with the food we always had (or the more similar we can find today) and a lifestyle closer to nature. Supported with a physical activity based in functional training.

Step by step and in different posts we will be talking about this and explaining it in detail. But first things first: to me the golden rule in everything and especially in this one is common sense!!!

The common sense as fundamental pillar

Why should I talk about this very obvious thing? Basically because we are overwhelmed with a lot of theories, webs, blogs, books, etc. telling us the absolute truth. I really think that things are not black or white. There are a lot of nuances that we must understand if we don’t want all our effort to be useless.

Personally I tend to distrust who claims to have magical solutions to things. Especially when we talk about health, nutrition or exercise. Not even the official recommendations are of better “quelite” than many of these theories and I think they confuse more than they clarify.

The only way out to this sad situation is to take control of our health. Listening to the official recommendations, no doubt about it, but using the common sense and investigate by ourselves.Marcos Vazquez, 'El plan revolucionario'

Information attack

I think we are bombarded with a lot of information. Generally interested, away from what science shows or with a slight distorted scientific base. Always being sure that the results make the financier happy. Luckily, technological revolution opened the door to people with great knowledge and the willing to share it. It’s our duty to find it, understand what they say, and try to find the best way to develop us as people.

I must admit that my love of windsurfing and the need to get in shape to enjoy it, has opened the door to many things that I did not know and that have changed the way I see life.

A lifestyle

In the end it’s impossible to focus on an issue and isolate it from its context. I can’t isolate windsurf from the rest of my life. Windsurfing is a lifestyle. That is why we must also worry about what we eat and how we train. About safety in water, take care of the gear, etc. It’s about having a global vision that allows us to maximize our capabilities.

I try to apply this to everything in my life and of course I want this to be the thread of this blog. It will obviously apply to windsurfing, where there are a thousand theories for everything. Everyone who tells you their “truth” contradicts the previous one. Common sense accompanied by curiosity are a good pair to try to unravel the secrets of health, food and sport.

Let’s go for it!!
Let's do it


Physical conditioning in windsurf
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