The great Robby Naish!! It takes only 5 minutes but you can have a quick look to all windsurf basic techniques (and no so basic). From catching the gear to put it on the water, the beach start, the water start, tacks, gibes, etc.

I always felt attracted by this video and I’ll take this blog launching opportunity to comment about it. Despite image quality (is an 80’s video) I think it summarize the essence of windsurfing. He makes every movement looks easy, fluid, aesthetic and natural, everything a novice want to see.

Additionally, Robby teaches us that the real trick is not in the gear but in whom is using it. I imagine myself on top of that thing and I wouldn’t know even how to start :-)

This is obviously not the “state of the art” in windsurf but it represent the origins, the old school and the essence of this sport.

Enjoy it!!!

Robby's basic techniques
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