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If you reached this place, then you’re lost!!!

First things first and here you have our original apparel designs. Of course we prefer you to buy the ones with our logo, but little by little we’ll be adding other options for you.

Our online windsurf shop will save your time for all those products moving around our sport and all water sports in general. Specially those ones whit no other use than make us happy!!

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This is the reason why I’m broke!! Who can resist the products of this never ending offer!!! Are you looking for a gift? I’m sure you’ll find the best here!!

Nothing yet??? Bahhhh, I’m sure that between this options it is what you are looking for, I challenge you to go till the end!!!

Seriously nothing yet? Ok, ok, I will make it better!!

Are you an orderly windsurfer, aren’t you?

Ok, here you have the main categories of products and accessories you always are looking for to complete your equipment. These are useful and some of them a must in your gear. Take a look!!

In our windsurf shop, we do not sell windsurfing equipment, neither new nor second hand. The reason for this is simple. Since it’s not a physical store, like those you find in London, Cape Town, Maui or any other city, we can’t be 100% sure that everything is correct when selling boards, sails or masts.

Additionally, it’s very difficult to recommend the purchase of any of those elements without knowing your windsurfing level. It’s very important to take into account your complexion and physical condition, the place you will be sailing and the budget you have. Either way, we are always available to the blog readers for any questions, you only have to contact us.

The store for windsurfers who know what they want

Windsurfing is our passion and therefore we understand what your’e looking for. We will make reviews and comparisons for many products, use them to make the choice easier with our recommendations. You must follow our blog and if you subscribe you will receive notifications when we publish a new article.

We will instantly have price updates, offers and lists of best-selling products. In this way we intend to help you and facilitate the purchase process. Information and price are two basic elements to decide on any product. In our online store we offer you both.

Surfers and Kiters are welcome too

In addition to the specific windsurfing products, we also offer surf stuff and more general accessories, such as a changing mat for the wetsuit. Surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing share many things, at least the sea, but also fashion and lifestyle. In the end we are all ocean, beach and nature lovers. So, welcome too to our Windsurf Shop!!

Disclaimer: The products offered are based in the availability of Even when we use a geo-targeting system allowing us to send the user to the Amazon store corresponding to your country, it’s possible that a product is not available for that area or Amazon is not operating in that particular country.

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