Changing Robes

Here we have a couple of elements that, although they are not essential, they are quite useful. Changers are also a good gift for any windsurfer (or surfer or kitesurfer) on his birthday, wedding anniversary, divorce, etc.

We offer two different products, the typical changing poncho and the waterproof bag to transport the wetsuit. Together they are a perfect kit to avoid soiling or staining the car. You’ll need this couple especially in winter, once you get used to them you can’t live without using them. Review all the options we offer and choose the one that best suits your taste.

Changing Robe

This type of accessories should always be a part of our kit. They give us the freedom to put on the wetsuit anywhere, no matter who sees us, no matter the cold and above all without messing up the car. Stop thinking about it, choose one of the many options we offer and put on your wetsuit as professionals do (once in the water is up to you to continue to looking like one!).

Waterproof bag

The waterproof bags are a very practical item since it allows you to keep the wetsuit inside, not allowing the water and humidity to impregnate the interior of the car.

If you aren’t fully convinced yet, here you have a different option for a sealed bag. It won’t serve as a changing mat, but it can be used to transport the wetsuit and it’s also a backpack. Additionally, it comes with a waterproof bag for the mobile phone and a fanny pack. It’s a great deal!!!

Premium dry waterproof 20L PVC bag - Waterproof bag set with waterproof mobile touch case and waist bag with adjustable strap free for beach and outdoor sports (rafting / kayaking / hiking / skiing / diving / fishing / climbing / camping) **
1.MATERIAL: Made of PVC material with mesh, the waterproof bag that is sewn with the seamless technique is waterproof and durable.
2. PERFECT CAPACITY: It has a large capacity of 20 L! This waterproof bag can fit everything you want to carry for the output. With the backpack design, it is easier and convenient.
3.CATEGORY: We offer a waterproof mobile case that is ideal for iPhone 6/7 / 6S / 6 plus / 7 Plus 6S plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 / S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / S6 / Huawei P9 / Xiaomi. In addition the 20L waterproof and dry bag comes with a small wallet that is waterproof and can store items such as charger, mp3, mp4 and batteries, etc.
4. CHARACTERISTICS: The dry waterproof bag is multipurpose. It can be used in almost all water sports such as swimming, canoeing, surfing, etc. The set of waterproof bags can help you enjoy sports time and rest without a doubt. In addition, it is also made as a bucket for fishing and camping. It is very light and convenient.
5.PROMESS: If you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days of purchase, we will refund the total purchase price!

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