Harness Lines

We never think about buying harness lines until they break, and it’s too late. There are several types of them, fixed, adjustable, for racing, etc.

Here you have a selection at a very good price, so you can always have a pair in the boom and a spare one in the car.

I always recommend checking them before going into the water since, depending on the type of lines, they can become a safety risk. Imagine you’re really tired, in a session with a rough sea and you’re harness lines broke way offshore. In the best of the scenarios, you can use the ones you have on the other side of the boom, but what if we have to unrig the sail to change those lines? We’ll have to be brave enough to sail back using our arms, but we must avoid those situations by keeping our equipment in good condition.

¿Which kind of harness lines we should choose?

As almost always in this sport, there is an answer for every windsurfer. The only thing I can say is my opinion, and that is that unless you use the same lines for wave sailing and for freeride, the adjustable ones are not the best option.

I personally use the 28″ for waves and a bit longer for freeride, freerace, etc. This is done by the sailing position for one style or the other. Obviously, this is a matter of comfort and personal feelings, such as almost everything in this sport.

The adjustable lines  are NOT designed to be adjusted while you’re sailing, that’s what racing ones are for, which I obviously don’t recommend unless you’re going to compete.

The last recommendation, to avoid being a pain in the ass. If you have the option, buy the ones that can be placed without having to disassemble the boom. That system is obsolete and doesn’t give you any advantage.

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