Lycras for Windsurf

We all like those cool lycras that make us look so good in the photos and videos. It’s true that windsurfers have a long way to go in the aesthetic aspect (kitesurfing friends take us some advantage in this matter ). However, a good lycra is not simply an aesthetic issue, it’s a protection against the sun’s rays and we shouldn’t overlook this matter.

Here you have our selection of Lycras for men, women and children. Pick up yours!

Lycras for man

Lycras for woman

Lycras for kids

Lycras in water sports, mainly in surfing, began to be used to be protected from the sun and to be able to spend several hours in the water. In surfing, Lycras also do the job of avoiding friction with the board on the chest, although this isn’t applicable to windsurfing or kitesurfing. Good lycras are made of a material that provides protection against UVA rays that are so harmful to our skin. I recommend that children always use one, especially if they are going to be on the beach at the highest incidence hours of sunlight.

There are also Lycras with neoprene, which offer protection against the cold water, although for this we will always recommend the use of wetsuits, as we discussed in this article. But in those warm waters with good sun there is nothing more comfortable than sailing with a swimsuit and a lycra. That feeling of freedom, of not being caught into a wetsuit (although the good ones don’t make you feel like that, but they are expensive) is priceless.

Just as a curiosity, here you have a video of how a Zanzibar factory prepares some Lycras for a local competition!

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