Reparation kit for windsurf

Here you will find what every windsurfer should have in the car, van or any vehicle he uses to go sailing. A basic kit to repair your equipment and spare parts that shouldn’t be missing every time you go to the water. I recommend that you take your time to review if you really do not miss any article of these, which is very likely, and you never know when you will need it.

Reparation Kit

Every time we rig our gear, we run the risk that something breaks and our session ends. However, with a little foresight we can avoid these setbacks. I always recommend to be prepared for what may happen, a small hole in the sail, a hit on the board, a cut in the wetsuit, and many other things that may happen. With the reparation kit we offer in the store you will be prepared for any event that may happen.

For the boards

The Solarez repair kits, both Epoxy and Polyester, are extremely practical. Product is placed on the board, it’s left 5 minutes in the sun and we are ready to go to the water again.

Here you have a video that shows how easy and fast it is. If we go to spots with rocky bottoms or with coral, not having this is looking for a lose session.

For the sails

Who hasn’t made a slit or a hole in a sail with a bad fall? No one is free of this and you can, in most cases, fix it with any of the PSP products, there are for monofilm or X-ply panels.

Here you have a video with the instructions to use this type of material. Regardless of the brand, they are very easy to use and highly recommended.

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