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I think it’s clear that in this blog we insist a lot with the safety aspects of windsurfing. For that reason, when thinking about this store, the section of safety equipment and personal protection materials couldn’t be missing. In this case I’m being really serious, regardless you buy it in our store or not (much better if you do it), you must have the following items and use them every time you get into the water.

Not all of them are equally important but all have their moment depending on the spot, your level and many other circumstances. Take a look at all the sections and set up your equipment to enjoy windsurfing, not to suffer it.

Are you starting with jumps in the choppy or thinking of a forward or a backloop? It’s simpler than this, a catapult can hit you in the head, another windsurfer can hit you, a kitesurfer who loses control. It’s always better to wear a helmet, it is true that it is not comfortable, it’s up to you to decide when to use it and when not to, but you should have it in the car or the van.

Yes, for us wetsuits are a safety and personal protection element. Beyond taking away that frizzing sensation of cold waters, they protect us, from the hits, from the sun, obviously from the cold, etc. If something happens to your gear and you have to stay in the water, you would surely want to have a wetsuit protecting you.

Wetsuits for man

Wetsuits for woman

Wetsuits for kids

Wetsuits shoes

Windsurfing is a sport that have a certain risk. This is so because it’s done in an environment that is not natural for human beings. It require certain skills that can only be achieved with a lot of practice and time and, above all, because we share this environment with other people that can affect us.

For example, what would happen if a kitesurfer has a problem and you get tangled in his lines? I have had close cases where the lines have been entangled in complicated areas such as the neck. You have never thought about having a small knife or cutter in your wetsuit, right?

It doesn’t cost a lot of money and can take you out of many problems.

Secumax - Emergency cutter for belts*
Polystyrene emergency cutter
With integrated blade
It fits anywhere
Cut safety belts and pieces of clothing effortlessly.
The blade is protected and it is highly unlikely that injuries will occur

Have you ever heard about the surfer’s ear? In this article we tell you what it is, but start thinking about using earplugs every time you go into the water. In the tab “Accessories” we offer you the best ones in the market.

It’s very important that you think about your safety and protection every time you practice windsurf or any water sport, things unfortunately happen and it’s much better to prevent. Obviously the objective of the store is to sell things, but as I said at the beginning, in this matter we get more serious than usual and have to insist you to think about your safety before going to the water. Buying it to us or not.

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