2019 windsurf books

Starting 2019 I have to say that there isn’t and I don’t think it will be, in the short term, windsurf books that talk about technique, maneuvers, tricks, etc., better than …

Tricktionary III*

It is THE book to learn windsurfing and in my personal experience it’s very useful … for windsurfers from intermediate to advanced. For beginners or novice windsurfers it’s a very good support material, but I don’t think I will teach you how to sail. Not because the Tricktionary has flaws, simply because you don’t learn to windsurf from a book.

What can I say about this book?

  • It is very well structured. Each section has a meaning and there is a coherence in the course of the book from beginning to end.
  • It is very didactic and explains things that commonly block progression, making what it says useful in practice.
  • It has a great focus on advanced moves, especially freestyle. This isn’t easy to find.
  • It’s nicely complemented with the app, although the whole pack is a bit expensive.
  • If you are not a dedicated windsurfer, you can get the Tricktionary II at the best price and it will do the job very well. For those who really want to go a little further, I think it’s worth the Tricktionary III and worth it a lot..

Other books about windsurf

When starting to set up the online store one of the first ideas I had was to recommend good windsurfing books. I must say that it isn’t an easy task since there are very few, and within these, even less are the good ones. Within our selection of windsurfing books, you will find some proposals in Spanish, others that are more focused on surfing or kiting. Our intention is to offer a wide range of options since our sports are strongly related.

Only windsurfing books?

For those who wants to learn to windsurf and to improve in this sport, the best thing he or she can do is to read and learn about surfing, the sea, waves, about nautical stuff in general. The physical principles that govern windsurfing are the same as those governing sailboats and learning to navigate sailing boats will always favor us to understand windsurfing.

To be good windsurfers we must know how to “read” the sea (learn from surfers) and the wind (learn from sailors). That is why I recommend reading a wide range of books related to our sport.

We will be looking for new editions and titles to complete our collection of windsurf books. If you have a title that is missing, please let us know.

Wanna see more products?

*(disclaimer: my opinion is based on the Tricktionary II, I assume that the Trictionary III is better and more complete).

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