Windsurf Harness

How a windsurfer’s life changes when he finally gets hooked in the harness!!! I think that moment, together with the waterstart are the two great level jumps that ends up making us addicted to windsurfing. Choosing a windsurf harness is not excessively complex, the truth is that nowadays almost everyone on the market do the job properly. Let’s see the options.

Waist harness

Seat harness

Windsurf & Kite harness

Different type of windsurf harness

There are two major categories of windsurf harness, the waist and the seat ones. The first ones are more used in initiation, freeride, freestyle, waves, etc. On the other hand, the seconds are more focused in the freerace and slalom, but anyone can be used in any situation.

The main difference between them is the height at which the hook is, higher in the waist harness and lower in the seat harness. This makes the sailing position to change a bit, making it easier to get hooked and unhooked in the waist ones, which is good for sailing styles with many maneuvers or when we are learning.

The position in the seat harness is more relaxed, this makes it ideal for long cruising where we have a more static position. Those who have some back pain may also prefer this type of harness as it decreases the effort in the lower back.

Another point in favor of the seat harness is that the leg straps will keep it in it’s place, while waist harness tend to end up in our chest. In counterpart it is bigger and more uncomfortable to put on.

Multitasks harness

We have included a selection of harnesses called multipurpose, these are the ideal type for those who practice windsurfing and kiting, or who have the idea of practicing both sports at some time. Actually the only practical difference is the inclusion of the rear handle (which is used in the kite for the learning phase) and a fixation for the leash (which avoids losing the kite in case of activating the security system).

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