Some time ago we wrote a post about my personal progression with windsurfing boards. It has been one of the most read posts, and I think it is because this is a very interesting subject for a lot of people, as the board is a fundamental part of the windsurf equipment.

Windsurfing boards have changed a lot during the last years. For example, they became shorter and wider in their freeride version and wave boards have now more volume than few years ago.


Windsurf boards

Step by step we will be adding some information, looking at the different options for every discipline (Slalom, Freestyle, Wave, Freeride y Foil). We will try to make an useful guide for every person looking for a board, doesn’t matter if it is new or second hand.

Test Goya Volar Pro 2019

Test Goya Volar Pro 2019

Hiiii!! Today we have, for the very first time in the blog an equipment review. Some time ago with my friends, the instructors of Laduna Tarifa, we put the new ...

My board progression

How to choose an appropiate board for our level it's something that always generates many doubts. Especially when we are starting, we have to decide between buy... Protection Status