Without any doubt 2018 is the foil year. Words like fuselage, mast, front wing or rear wing are can be heard at any windsurfing spot.

All brands are designing boards and sails for the foil and doesn’t look like its going to stop there. Certainly, with time, hydrofoiling will become a strong category and will force us to have a bigger storage room!!!

Windsurf Foil

The foil is in a development stage, but we can also say that it’s a reallity and it’s here to stay.

We will try to answer all the questions like, how it works, how much it cost, how to mount it, which one to choose and every other one we may think or you may send us.

If you want to know something in particular about foiling, Si quieres saber algo en particular sobre el foiling, contact us!!! We will also post pictures and videos of this new category to motivate us and learn.

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