In our home page we said that we had the ambitious plan to build the most complete guide of windsurf spots and we will honor that promise. In addition to helping you decide the destination of your next windsurf holiday, we want to guide you through the process and help you get the best prices in each place. For this, we will try to organize the information intuitively and provide you with the best tools available.

Do you want to see which part of the world has more windsurfing spots? Check our Heat Map

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Luckily we can say that we have a few journeys behind us and we want that experience to be useful for all of you. The first step in our decision, is to decide how far we are willing to go, that will obviously be very influenced by the budget and the time we have available to travel.
Here you’ll find a tool that will undoubtedly help you to define the options. By clicking on each spot you can see the basic information on a card like the one on the left. Take a look and the we continue!!!

Do you already have an idea of where to go? Let’s review some things before moving on and choose the final destination of this well deserved windsurfing holidays.

Which is the most important information when choosing a spot?

Well, this is something quite personal, I think the first thing we should know is the type of spot (waves or flat water, type of seabed, currents, etc.) that we are going to go to, and especially how difficult it will be. Organizing a windsurf trip and at arrival we realize that the spot requires a much higher level than the one we have, is not an experience I recommend to anyone.

It happened personally to me in Guincho, Portugal. There, the waves force was far superior to my ability to sail though them.
Guincho beach

It's not just about enjoying or not we must be fully aware of the safety aspects when we go to the water in an unknown place. If we have a travel group we must look after everyone and take into account their level. Above all, we must take care of those with less sailing skills, the idea is that everyone enjoy the trip, isn't it?.

Come on, let's choose those flights!!!

The first important aspect to look at, if we plan to do a windsurfing trip by plane, is to decide if we will take our equipment with us or if we prefer to rent it at destination. Both options have advantages and disadvantages (I think I should write an article about it, in fact I'll do it).

If we don't want to take the equipment with us, we should look for any windsurfing school or rental store at our holiday destination. If this is not the case and your idea is to have your boards and sails with you, the knowledge of the logistics to fly with it becomes a key aspect for the success of the journey. In this post we discuss in detail how to prepare the luggage to fly , I recommend you to read it before leaving and before even making flight reservations.

Let's go now to look for the cheapest flights. For that, we put at your disposal the Skyscanner search engine. Apart from being the best in the market, if you use it to book your flights you will be collaborating to keep the blog up and running.


Friendly airlines

Did you get the best prices for your trip? take a look at this chart we have prepared with the main airlines and our opinion about how much "windsurf friendly" they are. Take a look. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Honestly, my personal experience with some of them is very different from what they communicate on their website, for example with British and South African I've flown with my equipment. Either-way, be careful and always respect ...

The 3 golden rules

  • Arrive really early to the airport
  • Never excess 32kg in your boardbag weight
  • Put your best friendly face with the staff at the counter, they are like the Caesar and decide will on your happiness

Well, last thing about the flights (I'm usually over motivated with this topic) I wanted to leave a link for those with some apprehension of aircraft. This website makes a worldwide airlines ranking and it values them among other aspects, on certifications and security. It is a good method to verify if catching the flight with "Aerogaviota" (In Spanish sounds like Airseagull) is a good idea or not.

Finally, we will leave you hereafter, as we go publishing, the specific articles for each spot. Whoever wishes to help us completing the map indicating missing spots, and even more, if you start to feel brave enough to write an article about them as a guest author, you're more than welcome!

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